The ‘What If’ Principal

“What if it all went right?” – Joe Vitale

When it comes to ‘What If?’ the majority of us go to the default negative setting.

What if this is a waste of money?
What if I make a mistake?
What if it all goes wrong?
What if I’m too old?
What if I’m not qualified enough?

What if……..

When you do, that wonderful noggin of yours goes out of it’s way to find evidence to back that ‘What If?’ up.

It’s like looking around the room for something green. A minute ago, you never paid that green coffee cup any notice, but now you can see it and the other three things that have suddenly popped up on your radar.

Had I said blue though, you’d be paying attention to whole load of different appliance and objects.

Same goes with ‘What If.’

“What if this book is the one that’s going to turn my business around?” – Think maybe you’d look for evidence for that on it’s pages?

“What if I’m not too old for this?” – Think maybe you’d put some effort in to prove that?

“What if it all goes right?” – Think maybe you’d be more positive in your actions?

What if…’s how you use it.

You can either build yourself up, or tear yourself down before you start.

Why not use it the right way?


….what if you didn’t need to buy image packs for your coloring books and workbooks?

What if you could make them all yourself?

What if….you went here for the answer?

PS – And what if no one told you that this product existed because they were afraid of losing money because of it………..oh wait, that’s right, they haven’t.

I wonder why?