The Wicks Consistency Principle

…yesterday, the well known Joe Wicks dropped by Finn’s school to motivate all the kids to exercise and watch what they eat.

Now, if you’re on the other side of the pond, he mightn’t raise an eyebrow, but in the UK and Ireland he’s well known for his ‘Lean In 15’ cookbooks. – And not doing bad for himself selling well over 2 million books.

Now Joe also has some other pretty impressive stats…

Twitter – 307,000 followers
YouTube – 693,000 subscribers
Instagram – 2.6 million subscribers

Not bad, right?

How did he build a name for himself?

Riding to the local park, with a little trailer, he tried for the longest time to build a fitness camp there.

Some days, nobody show up.

But he kept plugging away, putting content out for three years before reaching the lofty goal of 70,000 followers.

Once that was in place, offers came in, like the cookbook idea….and well, things took off from there.

While it’s easy to look at Joe and say it’s so easy for him, he wasn’t hit with an ugly stick, that audience is as far away from that guy riding around on his bicycle as you can get.

What built it was consistency.

Showing up, creating content every day.

Telling people that he existed.

And building that audience, one…person…at…a…time.

One….slow….this is taking too long….this is never going to happen….what the hell was I thinking…person at a time.

You can listen to the folks that want to give you all that in 15 minutes….for $10….or you can wise up, show up, and do the work.

Do the work.

This is the work I do every day.

PS – I’ve also never seen so many mothers show up on time with their kids for school.

Little wonder he had to bring a few minders with him.  🙂