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There Is No Try

…I’d say even George Lucas is surprised that those words from Yoda are still around with us today.

Whether he wrote them on purpose, or they came in the flow of writing Star Wars, I don’t know.

But there’s wisdom in them.

I’ve been known to write the odd bit of intelligent words from time to time, too…

…though mostly by accident.


…however they came about they still stand up.

There is no try.

What about you?

Still trying?

Or doing?

Maybe you’ve tried other ways of making money online, or maybe you’ve dabbled with writing, but made nothing from it.

Go to any barbecue or social gathering and you’ll hear people either, complain about their job, or say that they’d
love to write something.

But….it’s like the…

“Yeah, we must catch up and go out. I’ll phone you in a few days.”

…it never happens.

Trying means you’ve got this notion of being an author but you’re not committed.

Doing would mean finishing your first book and starting on your second.

Life’s too short to put your dreams on hold.

…you know what you should be doing.

Do it.

And stop trying.

Want to be a trier or a doer? Doers click here. 

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