They Had Fake News Even Back In 1920

…while he, that gets named and blamed for everything in the world nowadays, is always giving out about fake news, back in 1920’s England, two young girls had the world at their feet with their own fake news.

Creating an event that even B.T Barnum would be proud of, they convinced the world that they good friends with the ‘wee folk.’

If you’ve seen the photos before you’ll know the ones I’m talking about, the ones with the girls sitting around in poses with what looks like Tinkerbell and the gang playing around with them.

Now looking at them, and knowing they’re fakes, it’s hard to believe how the world was taken in by it. – Study the photos now and you can see how obvious it is that they don’t match their surroundings and look like the cardboard cut outs that they were.

But back then, even Arthur Conan Doyle he of Sherlock fame was duped by it.  – Which makes you questions how good Sherlock Holmes power of deduction was.

But sometimes people want to believe in things that are what they want to hear.

  • They want to believe that you can get rich without knuckling down.
  • They want to believe that you can lose weight sitting on your butt watching the google box.
  • And they want to believe that that politician that smiled and promised them the earth, will remember them longer than it takes for them to reach next door’s doorbell.

Ah, the things we kid ourselves about.

And then there’s also the other things we kid ourselves with.

  • We don’t have what it takes to create a home business.
  • We can’t be a writer because there’s never been one in the family before.
  • And that old one I used to have, why would anyone pay good money for something I made?

All of the above may sound like reality, but it’s all fake news we tell ourselves.

Fake news that limits what we can do.

Thankfully I got over that one I had, and you can find more of what I make here.