Things That Don’t Make Sense To Me

….Working on this side of the fence, creating my own products and dealing with lovely people like you….a little flattery goes a long way, right?… there are some things that don’t make sense to me.

Business things like…

1 – People trying to sell unrelated products and expect me to buy them. – Kinda like McDonalds trying to sell me a chainsaw with my Big Mac

2 – Emailing out of the blue when you can’t remember who they are, and only when they’ve got something to sell.

3 – Making you jump through hoops to get in touch with them.

4 – Never asking for testimonials from customers. –  A missed chance in my eyes.

5 – Seeming confused over social media and email – One week ones good, the next it’s going to disappear for ever.

6 – Not sharing their profits with their customers – I don’t about you, but if someone likes something I make, they’re the ideal salesperson for me.

7 – Come across like something that’s written on the side of a cereal box – Because that’s what I want to read in an email.

There are probably more, but I know you’re too busy and I’ve got to gas up my Lear jet.


I’m going to do something crazy, I’m going to break rule 4…

And ask you for a testimonial for my workbook course. You can reply with this email and give me your thoughts.


Break rule 6 and give you some of my profits…

I’ve set up more affiliate treats for anyone that wants to promote my workbook course. If you liked what you saw, and want to make money recommending it to others, I’m giving away 50% of the course to affiliates.

Right now, it’s up to $27 – I won’t embarrass you with my Math. But, make one sale and you’ll have almost the price of the course back in your pocket.

You can sign up here.

I know…I’m “crazy,” right?