Think Of Me As Your ‘Ugly Parent.’

…in the sporting world, there’s a term given to some of the pushy parent’s.

Know as ugly parents, these folk have had some success in the sport their kids are in, but they’re living their dreams through their children.

These are the ones that come between the kids and coaches, and know it all. – Their experience of winning the three
legged race at the company picnic means they know how to train an Olympic sprinter.

When it’s the local track team, and the kid’s a nobody, it’s no big deal. But when it’s someone that’s a huge  sporting superstar, it’s kinda hard to tell their parents to shut their daft mouth.

Now, while I wouldn’t admit to being the full fat version of an ugly parent, I am here to push you.

Because you’re selling yourself short.

You’re listening to the crap in your head.

You’re sitting back and waiting for success to drop in your lap.

And you’re not speaking up for yourself, and letting the world know that you and your work exists.

How do I know?

It’s easy, when you know where to look.

It’s the products that sell best.

The ones with the least work and effort required, and where you don’t have to stand out from the crowd, that’s where
most people huddle.

The products that require more. Well, there’s plenty still left on the shelf.

And that’s why so few make it to the top.

People look on in awe and call their  heroes geniuses, talented, or from a different planet than they came from.

They’re not.

They put the work in when know one was watching, when no one cared, and when no one knew them.

But they did it, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. – The same actions probably
repeated over and over again.

But each day adding a little more to their talent, speed, or knowledge.

There’s a lot more to you than you know, but you’re going to have to get off your arse and go after it.

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