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This Ain’t No PLR Palace!

This Ain't No PLR Palace!
This Ain’t No PLR Palace!

…here’s a word of warning for those of you still wet behind the ears.

Run from anyone that’s trying to sell you PLR (Private Label Rights) products.

Why so?

The short answer, they’re crap.

The longer answer, they’re put together by writers that have never done the thing they’re writing about.

Which would you rather buy?

A product on how to get rid of acne written by someone that never had it, or by someone that cured their own acne?

A product on how to train your dog written by someone that doesn’t own one, or by the person that stopped their labrador eating the three-piece suite.

A product on how to create a digital product written by someone that never did it, or by someone that’s walked the talk and made money doing it.

It’s always the second option.

And that’s why you’ll never see me sell it or put my name to it.

Unlike some, I’d like my name to mean something to my customers.

Hopefully, I’ve saved you a few bucks with today’s email.

So, why am I talking about PLR?

Well, compared to other memberships out there, the WriteCome membership is scarce when it comes to PLR products.

In fact, the majority of things you’ll find are my own products. – Ones where I’ve walked the walk, and had in some cases, some pretty great results from.

You won’t anyone else selling them.

And you won’t find anywhere else where you can get access to them all in one go.

If that sounds a lot better than what you’ve wasted time and money on in the past, there’s a link below.

I can’t make you click it.

If you want in, click here now.

PS – All memberships are being created manually so there will be a small delay in getting you set up.

If that’s not for you, and you’ve got the patience of a housefly, maybe sit this one out.

But if you’d like to bring back that happy moment of Christmas morning where there are tons of presents under the tree waiting for you, click here.

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