This Blog Post Contains A Great Freebie

….it’s nice to get a little something extra when you’re not expecting it, and that’s what I’ve got for you today.

For anyone that bought my workbook course you’ll find an extra video in the collection.

Before you run off to view it, I want to publicly thank Louise, for the heads up on this great site.

I mention her in the video, but after you see what she’s shown me I know you’ll be thanking her too. You can find it after the maze creator video.



What about me? I didn’t buy your course…don’t I get something too?

Just kidding.

Want to know how much time you’ve been wasting when you should have been working on your books and business?

Really, wanna know?

You sure?

Don’t say you weren’t warned then.

Head on over to and download their free app. It runs in the background and tells you exactly how you’ve been spending your day.

Might be the wake up call you need.

PS – Wanna know what all the video fuss is about? Check out my course and see for yourself.