This Can Also Help You Lose Weight

…awareness is a good thing and something we don’t do very often.We usually go through the motions and don’t consider why we’re taking the actions we do.

Take buying a product on impulse as an example.

We click on the PayPal button, Amazon’s little orange buy button, or tap our credit card off a pay point …without thinking.

Same goes with eating ….suddenly you’re looking for that last dribble of ice cream and you don’t remember cracking open the ice cream tub.

But there is an easy to stop yourself packing on the pounds or throwing away your money …and it’s simply by asking yourself this question….

“What are you?”

When it comes asking your food that question, your answer is one of the following…

I’m entertainment
I’m an addiction
I’m nutrition

When it comes asking your purchase that question, your answer is one of the following…

I’m entertainment
I’m an addiction
I’m education

Once you pause for a second or two, you’ll start to see why you’re buying the product you are and what it’s fulfilling in you.

If you find that all your purchases or food choices are addictions, with no nutritional or educational value, then you’re filling your mind and body with content that’s not doing you any good.

Entertainment is is a little better.

But if you’re doing it too often, without the nutritional and educational values, I think you can see that it’s not doing you any favours in the long run either.

Try it out the next time you’re got your credit card out, or you’re staring into the fridge. A second or two of thought can save pounds off the hips and dollars in the bank.

While we mightn’t have a weight watchers group in the Membership area, it’s not all carrot sticks or sticks of celery either.

If you’re looking to binge out on the good stuff, go here. 

Now if we all agree to meet up this time next week for the weigh in….oh and before I forget, be sure to bring a friend with you that wants to lose weight…

…or wants to make money from their words. 🙂