This Could Be A Wake Up Call For You

…this week I had to revisit my JVZoo and Warrior accounts to find an old purchase of mine.

Thankfully it was still available to download, and I wasn’t faced with a ‘This domain no longer exists’ message….

...or to put it better, the shyster you bought that off is long gone and so is your cash and download.

Scrolling back through the purchases I made, I shook my head at the things I’d bought.

– Why had I bought that plugin?
– That report I barely looked at?
– Why hadn’t I asked for a refund for that broken software that doesn’t work anymore?
– And why was I going in a completely different direction than I am now?

You should try it some time.

Once you get by the….you big idiot.. feeling, it can be a wake up call to how you’re spending your money.

– You’ll see the gimmick software that doesn’t work anymore.
– The loop holes that are closed on Amazon, Google, YouTube, or wherever that you can’t use anymore.
– And all the dead domains that have disappeared with your cash and your downloads.

At this point you’ve two choices….one, carry on distracting yourself with the weird and wacky, or two, stick to a plan of action and only buy what you need to get you to the next step.

And more importantly know that it’ll work today and tomorrow.

WriteCome mightn’t have anything you’d find at a P T Barnum show, but if you’re looking for publicity, book creation, or something as valuable as learning how to plot a fiction book or create amazing fictional
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PS – How many of those marketers still email you? Funny that? Must be to busy hanging out on the beach or flying around on their Lear jets to keep in touch.