This Is How You’ll Be Judged…

This Is How You'll Be Judged...
This Is How You’ll Be Judged…

…you’ll be judged not on what you think, but on what you do.

You can think the fluffiest thoughts in the world but that don’t matter a fig.

It’s what we see you do.

What you tell us you’re going to do doesn’t matter either.

Talks cheap.

Go into any forum or social media group, and you’ll hear people tell a great story.

Unless you’re a fiction writer… they don’t bring in an income.

But you know that…

…and yet there are a lot of ideas in that head of yours that you haven’t followed through on.

You’re talking a big game in your head, you’re thinking of the products you’ll make, that email list you’re going to build, the money that’ll come flooding into your bank account…

…and that’s where they’ll stay.

You’re probably also buying books and courses and feel that that’s taking action… again nope.

Action is action.

I could be reading a book on writing emails right now, but I’m not… and that’s why you’re reading this email.

You’ll be judged and paid for your action.

And imperfect action is still miles better than taking no action.

So what actions are you going to do today?

Now… not what you tell yourself or others that you’re going to take… but real-world action.

That’s where you’ll be judged and paid today.

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That’s right, I actually do what I tell you to do. – Unlike some of those other muppets online that pedal nonsense they haven’t even tried themselves.

Now…It’s not for everyone.

And you will have to take action on my advice.

But if you’re more of a walker than a talker

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