This Is Not The Email You’re Looking For….

…as if you were sitting by your mobile phone or laptop, waiting for the ‘ping’ to say you’d just received your daily goodness from me.

Anyhoo…I wasn’t about yesterday.  I was up to my eyeballs with work, and getting ready for our eldest son’s birthday…he’s turning 18 today.

Bit weird having a ‘chadult’ in the house now. 🙂

The weirdest part is…he’s treating me to tickets to the new Star Wars movie today.

I know…it’s his birthday and he’s treating me. But that’s what he wanted to do, so who am I to stop him. 🙂  

I also can’t wait to see it.

Who knew George Lucas’ film idea would still have legs and be around?

George was also very clever in his thinking, he had a series of films planned out. Once he had the audience hooked, he knew they’d be back for more.

Something every author should be doing.

And his films lived on after the movies with his merchandise and toys.

Something every author could also easily do nowadays with t-shirts, and other printing methods available.

But for all the money he made, he could have made far more if he had all of those fans on an email list.

Imagine this conversation between him and his assistant.

‘George, we’ve got a new book finished, we’re publishing it tomorrow.’

‘….send out an email and let them know.’

‘George, can you sign off on this t-shirt design?’

‘…looks great, send out an email.’

‘George, we plan on releasing the movie next April.’

‘…send out an email and let them know.’


…poor George and his company had to pay advertisers, buy ads and spend a fortune on marketing.

He could have saved himself a fortune and probably sold more with an email

How about you?

‘Email list building you are?’


‘This is the email building help you’ve been looking for.’

Now I’m off to stuff my face at the local Chinese buffet and send my sugar and cholesterol levels through the roof.

Happy times 🙂