This Might Be A Painful Pill To Swallow

This Might Be A Painful Pill To Swallow
This Might Be A Painful Pill To Swallow

…what I’m about to say can be painful to accept, but if you work on it,  it’ll do wonders for your business.

What am I talking about?

It’s referrals. – It’s people talking to other people about how great you are.

Imagine for a moment that we’ve got two people selling the same product or service and they both buy Facebook ads.

So they buy a slot on the Facebook newsfeed and the sales start rolling in.

A week later, both turn their ads off.

Each one’s traffic goes down, the sales decrease, and they end back where they were.

But a week later, seller B starts to notice something.

Without buying any ad space, their traffic (starting at a trickle) starts going up.

Then the sales start increasing.

Then the traffic goes up.

Then the sales start increasing.

Seller A, on the other hand, didn’t notice anything. – If anything his sales have gone down.

What was the difference?

In a word….’Referrals.’

Those who bought Seller B’s product loved it so much they told others about it.

Seller A on the other hand didn’t get them.

That’s the power of referrals.

It’s like knocking over the first domino that goes off knocking other dominoes on its way.

The sad fact is, most don’t create anything worth referring to.

In my own case, good and all as my products have been in the past, I doubt many referred others onto them.

Taking that on the chin means I didn’t deliver.

And that’s something you’ve got to face up to too.

If no one’s talking about you (in a positive way of course) that’s probably a sign that you’re not delivering the goods.

‘Then I’ll drop my price,’ you say. ‘That’ll do it.’

Again no.

You’ll only go broke, and when’s the last time you yourself referred anyone onto a product that didn’t deliver at a low price?

If they did, you’d be their best unpaid salesperson.

Want to make more money?

Want to never have to buy paid advertisements?

Make something worth talking about.

Be the one in your niche that stands out from the copycats.

Provide a product or service that people talk about.

Doing anything less means you’ll always be pushing that rock up the hillside.

Improving what I do at WriteCome is always at the front of my mind.

‘How can I make this a site people will refer others to?’

It’s still a work in progress, but the membership area is second to none right now.

I don’t expect you to believe me, but you’ve now got a full 30 days to kick the tyres and try it out risk-free.

Hopefully, by then, you’ll be straining on the leash to tell others about it.

Oh, and before I head off…

…If you did find something good this week, go out there tell some folks about it.  – You just make someone’s day today and be helping someone that’s looking for a solution to that problem.

It’s good Karma, and Santa’s watching you too  : )