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This News Will Probably Depress Some…

This News Will Probably Depress Some...
This News Will Probably Depress Some…

….what is it?

I’ll explain.

Ever stand on the side of a calm pond and throw a stone into it?

After the ‘kerplunk, and your stone disappears, you get the little ripples that grow from there.

Ever notice that those ripples keep going until they run out of water?

That’s the marketplace you’re in right now.

A few years back we had the odd coffee shop here and there. – Nowadays, they’re everywhere.

A few years back we had, what we thought, were a lot of TV channels. – Nowadays, you can’t keep up with them.

A few years back you would have had the KIndle marketplace to yourself. – Nowadays, everyone has a book in it.

A few years back there were few stores on your street. – Nowadays, you’ll go by a handful along the same route.

Everything is more, more, more.

And did you notice that while everything is increasing, there’s still only a small number that takes home most of the bacon?

The rest, fight amongst themselves for the scraps.

The bad news, it’ll never go the other way.

And if it does, that’s a sure sign that there’s no money to be made in it. – Unless maybe you start a retro store and start selling VCRs from the ’80s.

The solution….you’re going to have to separate yourself from the crowd in your niche or area.

How? By becoming your own little celebrity.

Nowadays it’s not hard to copy, clone, or repeat what someone else has done to create the exact same business.

But what we can’t copy is you.

You are the difference.

Now, you’re probably rolling your eyeballs and saying ‘He’s said this a million times.’

But until you ‘get it’ you’re an anonymous face in the crowd.

You’re the bland coffee shop we drive past to get to Starbucks.

You’re the thriller writer that’s on the same shelf as James Patterson that we walk by.

You’re the charity that’s not endorsed by a well-known sports star.

I once heard Gary Vee say that everyone should be their own media company.

You’re a media company that sells books.

You’re a media company that sells plumbing.

You’re a media company that sells digital courses.

Those that don’t…. well, they sit on the outer ripples hoping something is going to go by their way.

Those scraps are few and far between.

Maybe it’s time to become the best promoter of you?

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