‘This Wasn’t Useful To Me….’

…that was an message I got a few months back about one of my products.

Me, I could see the use in it.

Well, I did make it – I would say that.

But, after laying out everything in a clear sales letter, the refunder didn’t see how they could make money from what I showed her.

Me, I could see tons of things she could do with it.

But some people are like that, they don’t look beyond getting the price of their course back and that’s it.

A $4 dollar book only has fours bucks of value in it.

A $27 course has only twenty seven bucks of value in it.

Me. I look for more than that.

One book I bought recently for $7, not only gave me ways to improve my business, it gave me email ideas to write about, quotes for my social media images, and more.

Had I only looked at it as a $7 book that’s all I’d look at it giving me….seven dollars of ideas.

I read once about someone that’s always looking for a $100 idea from everything he reads.

Will he always get it, maybe not. But when you comb through something that closely you’ll find some nuggets that others miss.

Ask Bob Proctor, he’s been reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’ for nearly as long as he’s been on the planet. – I think he’s got his money back on that book by now.

So whatever you’re buying this year, look beyond the price tag.

Oh, and here’s the course my refunder didn’t approve of. 

PS  – And read the sales letter carefully, I don’t want to be upsetting anyone else.