“This Way To Your Free Popcorn!”

…you probably think you’re not the kinda person that could be led to a table of free popcorn without knowing it…but you’d be wrong.

One health food store tripled it’s sales of vegetable popcorn by using one simple marketing ploy.

What was it?

Simply painting monster footprints on the floor.

Leading from outside the doorway, the footprints led customers to the display that offered the free popcorn.

Once they tried it out, the numbers who bought the product went through the roof.

That’s the power of curiosity for ya.

Almost like my Children’s Book Rolodex.

What’s inside it? – I’ll give you a taster sample. – Five book ideas you probably never thought of doing.

Curious to know what they are?

Then follow the monster footprints to the free sample table here.

PS – I knew you couldn’t resist it.

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