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Thomas Edison Was A Dummy


…in a recent podcast of Russell Brunson’s podcast, Mark Joyner brought up the topic of Thomas Edison…and how he was a dummy at school.

Receiving a letter from his school, his mother was informed that her son wasn’t cut out for school, and it was probably best if he was kept at home.

Knowing that would crush her son, she told him that she was taking him out of school and homeschooling him instead….because the school said that he was too clever for them.

Years later, after he became the man we know him as, he found the letter and was floored by it, realizing what his mother had done for him and how she’s changed his life for the better.

Sometimes not knowing the truth can be a great help.

Sometimes not knowing what’s ahead can take the pressure off of you.

Sometimes just looking at the smaller picture, takes care of the bigger picture.

Take writing an email, for example.

If you listen to all the experts out there would have you running for the hills.

“You need a great subject line, you need a great click-through rate, and you need a great call to action.”

You don’t need any of the above.

You just need someone that’ll give you five minutes of their day…that’s it.

If you can write a tweet, you can write an email.

Here’s how…

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

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