Three Things That Always Tell The Truth

…the first one is young kids.

…the second is drunks.

…and the third is your pants. Or how hard it is getting into them.

Everything else we either ignore, or we look for and listen to what we want to hear and see.

It’s like…

….a wife asking her husband if her rear looks big in her dress but doesn’t want to know.

…a doctor who never mentions the fact that you’re 6 stone over weight, but gives you pills for that mysterious blood pressure problem you have.

…driving your car with that red light flashing on the dashboard.

….keeping yourself busy reading and learning stuff, and convincing yourself that your business just got better because of it...but you haven’t taken any action that day to make a difference to it.

…it’s asking for more book selling tips when you haven’t even put the last ones to use.

The thing that always amazes me is the products that can make a difference to online marketers and authors alike, like learning how to sell and learning how to email…..are the least bought products.

And it’ll always be that way.

Dan Kennedy said it well when he said, ‘The popular way is the poor way.’

Why? Because we delude ourselves. We nod along to a suggestion or an idea, but don’t do it.

How many of you nodded your head when you read my blog post the other day,  but didn’t take any action on it?

– Didn’t write an article for day 1 of your e-course.
– Didn’t open up a screen capture software and create some videos they you could sell or give away.
– Didn’t look for where your audience is hanging out so you could give them a free sample of your work or to find out more about them.

I’ll be honest here.

I’d rather put my foot to your ass than blow smoke up it.

Why? Because I know you’re better than the results that you’re getting.

Are you telling yourself the truth?

Or are you looking for things that just agree with the story in your head?


And there goes another 40 people off my blog readers list. 😉