Throw A Few Sticks On That Fire Of Yours

…Earl Nightingale compared what most folks do as sitting in front of an empty fireplace and giving out that it’s not
heating them.

‘Give me heat and then I’ll throw on the sticks,’ they say.

Make me a bestselling author and I’ll then write all the books.

Give me a huge mailing list and then I’ll start writing the emails.

Give me a blog with thousands of readers and then I’ll put the work into promoting it. 

Kinda looks daft when you see it written down, doesn’t it?

But daft and all as it is, how many times have said things like that to yourself, or still do.

You want the money.

You want the audience.

You want the thriving home based business.

But you’re focused on that, and not what you should be focusing on, building the fire instead.

Gather enough readers and you’ll sell more books.

Tell enough people about your site and you’ll have more people come to it.

Collect email addresses, and that email income will start to slowly climb. – If you email them, starting now.

Build a big enough pile of sticks, and then throw a match on it, and you’ll have more than enough heat to keep you warm.

There’s plenty of fire building tools in the WriteCome member’s area, but it’s up to take your little axe to the wood.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Start building that fire of yours and let the heat take care of itself.