To The Picture Book And Beyond!

…if there’s one thing I like about Disney, it’s their ‘Do you want fries with that?’ merchandising ideas.

You don’t just watch the movie, there’s the t-shirts, the school bags, the teddies, posters, pencil cases…..…and on and on it’s goes to infinity.

While it can be a costly affair, I’m sure many a parents regretted a five minute stop at a Disney store, that idea is open to all picture book authors.

But not many folks look beyond the book as a way of making money.

Thing is, sometimes the merchandise can be a lot better than the original product.

You mightn’t be a fan of Alice In Wonderland, but a t-shirt with the Cheshire Cat might catch your eye.

You’re probably too big for Tinkerbell, but you don’t think twice about buying a mug that’s got a cute slogan and Tink’s little face on it.

All additional income streams that could be sending a few more bucks your way each month.

The Picture Book Publishing course might seem like that, just for picture books, but once you get it….it’s so much more!