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Toot! Toot!

…hey I couldn’t keep it up For long.

…yes, I am going to toot my own horn…but it’s also thanks to Vickie.

I asked her for an honest Testimonial about the WriteCome site and she left me these very kind words.
“I  joined a few weeks ago after having gotten your courses on “Cheap Children’s Books” and “Super
Simple Plotting”.

I love your over-the-shoulder technique of teaching and doing it in real time.Your detailed techniques are always straightforward and all-inclusive without being overwhelming with TMI overload like so many other courses I’ve gotten.

Honestly, several of them are so much too much with extraneous garbage I was ready to give up until I ran across your stuff.

I love that everything on the site is related to the book business and I often feel like I have cheated you by getting so much from you for so little money.

People throw around the term “overdeliver” with abandon, but you actually do it.”
Again, thank you Vickie for those words.

Want to see what Vickie means by over delivering?

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