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Transvestite Dwarves

….yeah, a weird blog l title I know, but a challenge I threw down to a fellow emailer of mine.

He was looking for a challenge and asking for ideas…me being me…give him the title of this email.

And no, I’m not into dwarves, but I saw a funny cutting from a newspaper that made me laugh.

The title was…. “Man Orders 42in TV And Ends Up With A Dwarf Transvestite On His Doorstep.”

Anyhoo…despite my ‘great’ email title he came up with the goods and wrote a great email explaining how a transvestite dwarf was eye catching, hard to forget, and something that your business should be like, etc.

What about you, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

Built an email list yet?

Emailing it daily?

Why? Don’t know what to write about? You’d be surprised how writing a daily email gets your creative muscle working.

Give it a week or two and I know you’d be able to do it too.

Don’t let perfection get in your way. Face it, you’re going to screw up, misspell words and worry about what people are going to think of you.

I’m tell you now, it doesn’t matter.


Be yourself, have fun. And if some of your list doesn’t like it, show them the door.

I kicked a few out yesterday, because they wanted me to be and write a certain way.

But people are people and not everyone’s going to like you. And honestly, I’m not going to like everyone either.

So, why piss each other off.


Moral of the story, get out there and be yourself, email, social media or otherwise.

Before I leave…I’m going to post a few more weird and wacky posts this week with ideas my list gave me.

Maybe you’d like to toss me an email or two…and I’ll see if I’m up to the challenge.

PS – You can get a head start on your emails ideas with my Email Ace course. 

Or you could write the same drab as everyone else.