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Turkey Emails Make Me Gag

…if there’s one thing that makes me gag at this time of year….it’s all the Thanksgiving and Christmas emails.

Not that I don’t like wishing folk a good time, it’s the fakeness that’s attached to it.

The…’We’re having an awesome time this Thanksgiving, hope you are too’….email.

The….’I just had to step away from the Christmas celebrations to talk to you’….email.

The….’You’ve meant so much to me this year’ ….email.

The…’Let’s make 2020 awesome’…email.

Stomach churning.

The rest of the year….well….I’ve been too busy to send an email to you. Been too busy to answer your emails. And we won’t mention that steaming pile of crap I sold you last month.

‘Let’s Make 2020 Awesome.’

Call me a Grinch, but come near me with that line and you’re going to get a kick in the nuts.

Bah humbug!

‘Enjoy your turkey day.’

Barry J McDonald.

PS – ‘Oh, and here’s the sale I almost forgot to mention’….email.


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