Turning That Big Ship Of Yours Around

…once Titanic was in sight of the iceberg, there was very little the guy at the wheel could do.

Turn the wheel as fast as he could, put it into full reverse, there was nothing going to change where it was going.

However, had it been ten miles out, a good turn of the wheel would have meant they sailed by it.

A hundred miles out, the slightest touch of the wheel and the iceberg would have been a dot on the horizon, or barely even been seen.

You’re heading to a destination right now. You mightn’t be aware of where that is, but you’ll get there one day.

It could be a life without stress, because you’ve got more money coming in than going out.

It could be owning an online business that you can hand on to your family.

It could be a series of fiction books, with a bunch of raving fans in tow.

Or it could be right where you are right now.

Everyday you’ve got your hand on the wheel of your life, and you’re turning it on a course that’s either going to be
toward what you want, or what you don’t.

A huge turn of that wheel, as most people do on January 1st, is a hard one to stick with. – The strains too much. And at some point Scotty is going to warn you that ‘She canna take it Captain.’

Once that happens, you’ll ease off on the wheel, and your little tub will return to that familiar course. The one that you’ve always sailed in.

The easiest way to change where you’re going. Simply turn that wheel one degree.

It mightn’t seem much. But even a one degree turn will put you in a different place than where you’re going right now.

Start by making yourself 1 percent better.

Just one.

Not a hundred.

Not fifty.

Not ten.


In a year from now, you’ll be vastly different than you are now.

A few more words written a day.

Starting to build an email list.

Getting out of your comfort zone, even a little bit.

Showing up every day for work.

Nothing huge.

Nothing complicated.

Start today.

Hold that one degree turn and stick with. Overtime, it’ll become such a part of you you won’t even notice it anymore.

Turn that wheel.


….if you’re looking to make your low content stuff look more than one percent better, I’d go here before it’s gone.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Hopeful you’ve got a hand on the wheel of yours?

And not letting yourself get carried along with other people’s current.

You have, right?