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Walking Through The Valley Of Disappointment

…if there’s one thing that no Guru, or anyone else selling stuff mentions, it’s the valley of disappointment.

If you’ve ever watched Rango – one of my favorite kids (ahem!) movies – you’ll know the little trek our hero
has to make through the unforgiving desert to the town of Dirt.

Parched with thirst, and with a falcon on his tail, the town seems like it’s a fantasy, it’s so far away.

And that’s where most of us are. Plodding through the valley of disappointment, with nothing to show for our work.

And sometimes, like happened to Rango, you start hallucinating, listening to that little voice in your head.

‘You haven’t got what it takes.’

‘What were you thinking?’

‘Let’s just go back, nothing’s worth this.’

That’s where most people drop out.

Sometimes that trek is longer than you expect. And sometimes others get to town before you do …it happens.

But we’re all walking through our own valleys of disappointment.

When you’ll get to where you’re going,  I can’t tell. But each step you take, is one step closer to where you are now.

Rango did make it to Dirt, and his life was never the same again. In fact, he became a hero along the way.

You might think you’re the only one here, but truth be told, it’s a lot busier place than you think it is.

And speaking of busy…

….I’ve just finished off the remake of ‘Keyword Research For Beginners 2.’

While the last course was good, I know far more now, and I’ve put that into the 2.0 version.

If you’re looking for 9 videos on keyword research, both in Google and Amazon, along with a series of paid and free tools that will make you a master of keyword research then go here.

*WriteCome member’s will have this in the member’s area tomorrow.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – As you know, I always over deliver on my products, that price is only good for the next 24 hours. – The price is only going in one direction after that…

…and that’s up.

Sales letter or not.

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