Wanna Get Good At Maths?….Then Do Maths

…that’s what the banner read as I walked out my son’s school last night.

Alright, not the way I wrote it, but you get the idea.

Now, while it’s a simple play on words, the message is applicable in any area of life, online or off.

– I’m not good at selling stuff…then start selling more.
– I’m not good at writing….then start writing more.
– I’m not good coming up with ideas…then spend more time trying to come with ideas.

I won’t keep beating you over the head, I’m sure you’ve got it by now. 

It’s easy to complain that you’re not good at doing something…but is that complaining getting you any closer to what you want?

Saying I’m not good at something is like folding your arms and pouting like a five year old. – It also let’s you off the hook….because it’s just too hard for little ole you.

But is it?

Look back at anything in your life that you’ve mastered and you’ll see that you did it over and over again until you got it.  – The fact that you can read these words is one sign of that persistence.

So whatever you’re moaning about today throw yourself into it. The only way you’re going to get better is by taking that problem head on and working on it.

Wanna get good at writing romance books?

Then start writing more romance books.

What about?….Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

PS – Or you can hang around in the forums or Facebook moaning about how hard it is.