Wanna Learn Something? Spend Time With A Trump Supporter

…whether you think he’s the devil incarnate, or he’s the poster boy for your brighter future, you can learn a lot by listening to people you have nothing in common with.

Too many of us have a fixed idea of how things are and can’t accept a different opinion. – We do the mental fingers in ears ‘I can’t hear you…la! la! la!” and tune out to what’s been said.

And like spending time with a Trump supporter we think we know it all and don’t listen to anything they say or do.

Same goes for most authors and self publishers. They spend time reading posts in author forums, reading all the same writing books everyone else does, and stay in their lane not looking outside it.

Then a book like Fifty Shade Of Grey comes along and they take the first opportunity to tear it apart, without taking a look at what made it successful. – God forbid they should wonder why it’s successful when they’re too busy slagging it off.

But are they learning anything by doing that?

Lately I’ve been listening to some fitness podcasts that have nothing to do with writing.


Because they cover topics that you’ll never find on a writing podcast. Mindset, motivation, and taking care of your health. – All things we as authors and book publishers need to pay attention to.

Sometimes the best advice and ideas come from people who weren’t in the industry they helped.

– A theatrical make up artist gave 3M a solution for preventing skins infections.
– The Dyson hover came about from how a saw mill was collecting saw dust.
– A escalator company got a solution to their shopping mall installation problem by borrowing a solution from a mining company.

Even Einstein didn’t major in the field he became famous for.

Like listening to Trump supporters, sometimes the best advice and ideas you can use lie outside your mental lane.

Because, if you do what everyone else is doing then you’re just like everyone else.

Unlike WriteCome.

I pride myself on giving authors and self publishers everything under one roof. Oh and you’ll find I put a unique spin on the stuff I make.

Kids books that don’t need illustrators, coloring books that anyone can make with no drawing experience.

It’s all waiting here for you. 

PS – Now go out there and hug a Trump supporter…I double dare ya.