Wanna Learn Something?

…ever walk into a store and have one of the assistants pounce on you as soon as you’ve picked up something?

Usually, the question ‘Can I help you?’ is met with an ‘I’m alright’ or ‘I’m just browsing’ answer.

In those moments we feel under pressure, that we’re being sold to, or the ‘Jez this guy’s pushy’ thought goes through our heads.

In that moment our backs are up. And if the pressure to buy keeps up we’re headed straight to the door.

The easiest way to sell to those people is to get them to come to you, to get them to lean forward, to say ‘Hey that looks interesting…can I have one?’

When they do, that resistance is down, they’re willing to hear you out, they don’t feel sold too, and there’s a better chance you’ll make the sale.

This blog post is an example of that.

I got your attention with the title, I got you to follow me all the way down here. Not once did I hit you over the head with a sales link, or ‘You need to buy this now’ message, or litter it with a hundred hyperlinks.

That’s an important lesson I learned off the great Dan Kennedy, a man, unfortunately, who is no longer with us. Dan proved his customer attraction tip worked so well, he used it to build a business that’s long going to outlive his passing.

Now, while I never met the man, I spent many a happy hour listening to him on audiobook, or lost in one of his enlightening Kindle books, all of which opened my mind to new possibilities.

If you’ve never heard of Dan, or read any of his material, I’d start here.