Wanna Make Some Cash?

…for anyone that’s never made money online, today’s post is either going to excite you, or make you go….’As if that’s ever going to happen for me?’

For the longest time, I shared those thoughts too. Buying report after report, ebook after ebook, and going through video course after video course, I never seemed to get any wealthier.


Because I had my blinkers on.

And yet, there was money to the left and right of me, but I couldn’t see it.

It was hidden behind the….’You don’t know enough yet’….blindspot I had.

And so I kept buying more and more to feed that idea. – Thing is, I never reached the ‘knowing level’ I needed.

Once I thought I knew enough, it felt like someone had moved the goalposts on me, and I needed to know a little more.

Maybe you’re like that too? You’re trying to reach a level of knowledge before you get started.

But do you really?

You could take any products of mine, starting today, and make money from it. Either creating products to sell to others, or selling a service where you do the leg work for others.

Make coloring book images – Check.
Help someone create a picture book – Check
Create physical products – Check
Create spot the difference images – Check
Plot books for writers – Check
Create fiction characters – Check
Write emails for others – Check

I could go on, but with all the products I have, you could run a dozens side hustles.

Not sure how to sell?

Go to Fiverr, or Upwork and offer your services for hire there.


You already know enough…just get started.

Barry J McDonald.