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…what I’m about to reveal, I really believe, is something that can put you light years ahead of your competition.

It’s also so easy…when you get it…that you’ll probably slap yourself for being such an idiot.

What’s the word’s of wisdom?

“Consume less, produce more.”

What! That’s it?

Giving away those words, without locking them behind a $97 PayPal button, means you’ve probably switched off right now and are heading for the escape door.

But stay with me a second.

How much email have you read today?

How many Instagram posts have you wizzed by today?

How many YouTube video have you watched today?

How many pages from books on blogging, self-publishing, or social media, have you looked at today?

Probably a good few combined.

Now what if you started consuming less, and producing more?

What if for every 10 Instagram posts you looked at, you made 1?

What if for every 20 Youtube videos you watched, you made 1?

What if for every book you read today, you wrote one for your own book, or did a blog post?

What if you made your own video course, after learning and studying 4 others?

Nothing crazy there, right?

You know something else that you should have tattooed to the inside of your eye balls?

The people that make, and own the most content, make the most money.

Nobody makes it big with a blog if they’ve only got two posts on it.

Nobody becomes a social media star from only three videos.

Nobody becomes a best selling author with twenty pages on a hard drive.

Now, what if you upped your game and made content at higher ratios? Still think you’d be in the situation you’re in right now?

If you’re a fan of email, you could sit on your butt and read them until the cows come home.

Me, as you’ve probably seen, like to write a lot, lot more than others do.  Because of that, I get results that those ‘Here today/Haven’t talked to you in 6 months’, people will never get.

Want to join me? Get a copy of Email Ace here.

It’s one ratio you could be putting in your favor today.

PS – Just because that idea up there came for free, don’t make the mistake that it’s got no value.

Those that put it into action today, will see it in a far, far, different light in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

And for those you, waiting for the right moment to start, how’s that one working out for you?

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