Want A Life Coach? Hire A Five Year Old

..Why? Because they’ve probably done a lot more than you have in the last five years.

When you consider that a five year old has to learn to crawl, walk, talk, and get out of diapers in that time, that’s an amazing accomplishment.

And it’s all without a manual and depending on the parenting, sometimes coach free.

And yet they get there.

They never say…

‘But that’s five years. That’s a helluva amount of time to give to those things?’

‘Walking and talking, you’re taking the mickey, right? I can barely control my eyes.’

‘But look at me? I’ve never walked and talked a day in my life?’

‘What if I fall over and people see me?’

‘I think I’ll stick to crawling. I’m closer to the ground. It’ll be better, just in case I fall over.- You know,  falling from a height and stuff.

‘Sally and Tom down the street can do it already, why can’t I? What’s wrong with me? There must be something wrong with me?’

‘That’s not a box, that’s a spaceship, a car, a house, my cave….’

And they’ve got the right idea about sleep. Take it only when you need it, but when you do, make it a good forty winks.

That was YOU at one stage. You were fearless, didn’t give up, and you knew how to party when it came to a crayon and a wall inside the house. ‘Banksy’ had nothing on you.

If you didn’t, you’d still be in the crib (a big one, mind you) but you’d still be there looking for the world and it’s mother to take care of you.

But you didn’t. You had a goal of making it to the coffee table, and then to the couch.

You had the goal of racing your brother or neighbor and beating them to the steps of the slide.

You also didn’t look at news feeds and wonder why you don’t look as good as everyone else.


Because you were too busy, chewing on the hair brush, lost in your reflection in the mirror on the wardrobe door. – You were the man, or woman!

So the next time you’re moaning about being stupid, thinking you’ll never get the hang of things, and ‘God it’s going to take hard work and time to reach that goal’, channel the 5 year old in you.

Back then you didn’t limit yourself, or compare your progress to everyone else, you were going to toddle across the living room floor and no one was going to stop you!

Me. I didn’t know I had other challenges ahead of me in life. One of those was coming up with story lines for my fiction writing.

Like going from a crawl to a walk, story lines were a pain in my diaper. What should happen next? What were my characters going to do in my story?

Thankfully I got the hang of it and I found my feet.

If you’re a little wobbly on your story line feet….this will give you the steady
hand you need to hold onto until you get the hang of it. 

PS – Oh, and that weird stuff you found under the couch and ate, didn’t kill you either.

Or sharing your breakfast with the dog.