Want Better Results? Embarrass Yourself!

…”The results you want are usually on the other side of embarrassing yourself.”

When I wrote that for an Instagram post months ago, I surprised myself with how true those words are, for me, and also you.

You want to ask a guy/gal out, you have to make that lonely walk across the room, not sure how it’s going to turn out.

You want to write a book, you’ve got to put your heart on the page, and if it’s horror, put some pretty sick thoughts down on paper.

Blog posts, emails, or social media posts, all could be ignored, laughed at, or criticised, so you avoid them.

But a funny thing happens when you walk toward that line and step over it.

Sometimes it blows up in your face. – Had that happen.

Sometimes nothing happens. – Good or bad.

And sometimes you walk away with the result you want, wondering what all the fear was for. – Happy camper!

I can almost guarantee that your lack of results is due to your fear of embarrassing yourself right now.

You’re not writing blog posts with ‘you’ stamped all over them. – Warts and all.

You’re writing fiction in your safe zone, hiding behind a pen name, and running all your characters and storylines through a mental censor.

And your social media and emails (if you even do them) are the same as every other ‘Safe Sally’ in the world. – Don’t rock the boat, don’t say anything that will draw attention to you, and God forbid you get a negative reply.

Go look at the emails you get today.

The blog posts you read.

The social media posts that stop you in your tracks.

The ones that do, are by the people who stand with an open shirt, and bullseye on their chest.

Sure it could go wrong for them, but when it doesn’t, they’re long remembered after the rest have faded away to nothing.

Want to be successful?

Be prepared to embarrass yourself.

To make mistakes.

To get things wrong.

There’s no piece of software out there that can ever give you the bigger balls/ovaries you need, you’ve got to step over that line yourself.

It’s up to you what you do next.

Barry J McDonald.

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