Want Money?

…People are always wondering where the money is?

If they only had a money making idea they’d be on the pigs back.

And like struggling to find your car keys when you’re in the rush, your brain shuts down and you’ve got nothing.

But there’s an easy way around that mental block, one that Jack Ma of Alibaba fame says you should do…

“Look at what people are complaining about.”

…that’s where your money is hiding in plain sight.

Not sure what to put in your weight loss book? Read all the negative reviews and what those around you are complaining about their weight.

– Hang out in the forums.
– Listen to the phone in radio shows.
– Watch what pisses you off, and see if enough people have that same problem too.

What do they want faster? Done better? Made shorter? Explained better? Condensed? Lengthened? Combined? Reworked and updated?….etc.

If you give enough complainers what they want and you’ll make money. The larger the number, the more money you’ll make.

Now you may be thinking, ‘Yeah, but someone else will have thought of and done it.’

How many people take any action on anything? Very few.

You know that’s true yourself. You’re probably putting up with stuff right now and not doing anything about it…but you’ll still complain about it.

You’ll tell the whole world, but you won’t fix it.

But if I gave you a solution to the mental splinter, you’d pay gratefully for it.

Take making money online as an example.

You’re probably complaining about the lack of money you’re making right now.

‘If I only had something I could sell to some people…

….something people are always complaining about…

….something where I didn’t have to do any work, maybe
a course teaching something?…

….Then I could make some money. But it’ll never happen.’

That’s a shame.

Especially when it’s sitting here under your nose.