Want To Be Liked? – Be Prepared To Be Disliked

…”Everyone likes you before they blow the whistle”

I’m sure there are plenty of World Cup players who know that too well this month.

Before the game starts you’re just another player on the pitch, but as soon as you score or let one in, things suddenly change.

The same thing is true when you voice an opinion on social media. – You go from being a nobody to another Biden fan.

The same is true when you put a buy link in an email. – You suddenly go from being a safe place for freebie seekers to becoming one of those money-grabbing marketers.

Most people don’t want that.

They don’t want to ruffle feathers or draw attention to themselves.

Yet, we’re never going to get to where we want to go without drawing attention to ourselves.

Attention draws people.

Attention builds an audience, followers, fans, and buyers.

Attention also draws the haters, the critics, and the outraged.

Because it’s the opposite side of the coin.

And if you’re looking to make some coinage in life, you better be prepared for that.

An open field doesn’t mean much to us. But start marking out some lines and put a goal post at either end and things get a lot more serious.

Suddenly things can be won and lost.

Suddenly it’s us and them.

And when it’s us and them, you better make sure you’re wearing the same jersey as I am.

We’d love to play on the pitch, but the thought that fifty per cent of that fans would hate us keeps us standing on the sideline.

The sideline is safe, but that’s not where fame and fortune lie.

If we want an audience, we need to draw attention to ourselves.

If we want the money, we need to ask for it.

And if we want to be liked, we better be prepared to be disliked.

Because everyone’s going to like you until the whistle is blown.

Standing on the sideline never got me anywhere. What did though, was drawing attention to myself and my products. If you’d like to know how I got over that mental hurdle and started to make money online, go to https://www.WriteCome.com now and download your copy of ‘The Online Business Manifesto.’