Want To Make More Money From Your Writing?

…the answer is pretty simple, spend less time on it.

Recently I’ve been reading Dan Kennedy’s No B.S Book On Time Management, which has been a real eye opener for me.

For one, the man is extremely strict with his time and how anyone can get access to him. And two, he knows exactly what he’s doing each day.

But not just the, ‘I’m doing this, this, and this’…check list kinda thing. No, he takes it further than that.

All those actions have a price. – If something is worth a certain amount, it gets a corresponding amount of time – and not a second more.

I’ll explain.

Now, I don’t know what your time is worth to you, or if you’ve ever put a price on it, but let’s say you value yourself at a minimum wage hourly price.

I hope you don’t, but for argument’s sake, let’s say you think you’re only worth $10 an hour.

Whatever work you do, that hour has to have a $10 value, or bring in at least $10 for your time.

So let’s say, you know that a blog post you’re going to write today is only going to bring in ten dollar’s worth of business in it’s lifetime.

Then that post doesn’t get a second over 60 minutes of your time. – You don’t spend an hour writing the post,
a half hour promoting it, or another twenty minutes on social media talking about it.

1 hour….and that’s it. – Not a second more. Once you’re done, it’s off to the next project.

Or take fiction writing as another example…

Say, your last book made you two hundred dollars. Divide that by your hourly rate and you get 20 hours.

20 hours to write, edit, and promote that book.

Once that time’s up, it’s in the past, move on.

Now you could argue that that’s OK for Dan, but you’re different. And that may be true, but if your work is only bringing in twenty, fifty, or a hundred dollars – and you know it, going on the last projects you’ve done – does throwing another ten, twenty, or thirty hours, tweaking and editing make it worth the effort?

Nope. – That time would be better spent on the next writing or publishing piece.

And that folk’s is how to make more money from writing,

When you put a hourly price on your time, you’ll look at that time spent watching kittens on YouTube in a whole new way.

Here’s the link to the book if you want to read it yourself.

And that’s why I put a link in each email and blog post I write. – Just because it’s free content doesn’t mean it shouldn’t pull it’s weight.

Same goes for everything you do too.