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Wanter Or A Chooser?

“Want is wishing, and nothing more. Choosing is the first step to taking action.” – David Osborn.

Those words stopped me in my tracks the other morning when I was doing my daily reading.

For the longest time, like most people, I was a wanter.

– I want to get out of this crap job.
– I want to be making more money.
– I want a car like that guy.
– I want to be in better shape.

Thing is, every time I said that, and thought that, I was never any closer to getting near that goal.

Why? Because wants don’t have much power.

It’s…’I’ll do it next week’….’When I get more money I’ll join a gym’….’I must get out that old CV.’

I put it all off for the longest time.

And if you think about it, is it any wonder? Especially when you put it up against choosing to do something?

I want to be a better writer…..I choose to be a better writer.

I want to be making more money from my books…..I choose to be making more money from my books.

I want to create a video course I can sell…..I choose to create a video course I can sell.

Can you see how each of those statements is a lot stronger with the word ‘choose’ instead of ‘want’ in it?

It might make all the difference in getting things done.

As for getting more done, I made a video for the folks in the member’s area this week about that very topic.

I don’t normally take this content outside the member’s area, but I thought it might help some of you get more done this week . – It’s what I’m currently using at the moment.

If you’d like help with procrastination and getting stuff
done….click here.

A word of warning, it’s over an hour long. So bring a pen and paper….and maybe a few coffees. 🙂 

PS – If it helps, let me know.

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