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Warning! – Live Human Being Inside

 Warning! - Live Human Being Inside
Warning! – Live Human Being Inside

…yep, that’s right.

Even though this seems like a collection of words, a genuine quman being typed this out. 🙂

And that’s something a lot of us forget we try to sell things online.

It’s….how many books can I sell?

It’s…I need them to do this.

It’s….funnels, opt-in pages, author pages, and the rest.

But, at the end of the day, it’s people just like you and me that like reading, or like coloring, or want to learn something.

It’s not a nameless, faceless person, with a credit card in hand ready to spend money on everything and anything.

They’re looking for value.

They’re looking to be entertained.

And so for some, they’ve got a problem that they want a solution to.

Someone, right now, is going to Google to get an answer to that question they have.

For some people that search could take 5 minutes.

But for others, they’re going to spend hours, days, or maybe weeks, and never get an answer to that problem.

If you can teach someone how to tie their shoelaces you’re a teacher.

And as you’re probably aware, when you watch that kid walk away you feel better about yourself.

That in some way you made a difference in their life.

Tying shoelaces mightn’t be a big thing to you, but to them, it’s a big accomplishment.

It’s a nice feeling.

You could get that nice feeling regularly, and get paid at the same time. – Double the feelgood points!


By digitally walking this way (If that’s even a thing).

And not only do I give you 5 ideas, but I show you how I’d tackle each of the ways too.

But you better hurry, come tomorrow morning, I’m raising the price.