Water Cooler Chats

…unlike what the Guru’s would have you believe, most of us that check out Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, don’t sit with our credit card in our hands.

The people we follow or listen to have one of the following attributes..we know them, we like them…or we trust them.

Think about anyone you follow or listen to, it’s one of those things that keeps you coming back to their Facebook page, liking their Instagram images, or repinning their Pinterest posts.

Everyone else is just noise to you.

But that in itself brings about a problem?

How do you get strangers attention?

Unlike the Guru’s you don’t run up to them and slap a sales page in their face, or wave your latest book
at them.

Why? Because you’re not a used car salesman.

It’s also the reason we hate being pounced upon as soon as we visit a store.

So..what do you do?

You say “Hi” and let them get on with their browsing.

If they like what they see…they’ll probably buy something…if not they’ll leave.

Social media images are a good way of saying ‘Hi.’

They get the conversation going, and they get shared a lot. They’re also a lot more noticeable that a text link.

You’ve probably ‘Liked’ a lot more visual content than text links this week on your Facebook pages.

I’ve put together a big bundle of images you can use today… and on a topic that everyone needs more of …motivation.

So if you’re selling planners, kids books, t-shirts, you’ll find more than enough to use on your social media channels.

They’re also very good.

How do I know? ..Because I sat down, thought them out… and put them together.

And they’re hanging out here.

You’ll be glad to hear that both eyeballs are looking in the one direction again.  🙂