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We Could All Use This To Sell Books, And Make Money

I was listening to the radio the other day and got to thinking…..Why don’t many authors collaborate with other authors like musicians do?

You’ve got Kanye West  with this artist, Taylor Swift with that one, and Coldplay with the other one.

Many times we haven’t heard of those artists before, but when they get a glimpse of the spotlight, it’s not unusual for them to take off with their own fan base.

So, why don’t more authors collaborate together?

Now I know that some do, in the form of working together on box sets, but when was the last time, an established author offered space in their book with a short story from another author?

Or offered free, or paid  advertisement space in their books for another author?

Or sat down and simply wrote a book together?

While I know that some of the above, take a lot of work and involve trust issues, none of the above are impossible to do nowadays.

There’s nothing stopping many writers bulking up their Kindle book with a free short story.

There’s nothing stopping an author offering advertisement space in their books, or in their emails, if they’ve got a big enough audience.

There’s nothing stopping two authors working together on a book, with one plotting it and the other writing it.

Will many do any of those? Probably not.


Because we authors are a crazy bunch who believe that they need to  horde every reader to us or we’re going to lose them forever.

God forbid anyone should buy a romance book that’s not ours.

Maybe we should all take a ‘page’ from the musicians book of doing things.

Not only can we help each other, but make some money to boot.

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