We Need You – So Where Are Ya?

…right now the world needs some motivation.

It needs a great story to entertain it.

It needs someone to coach it.

It needs someone to inspire it.

It needs someone to do business with.

It needs someone to take better care of its kids.

It needs someone to take better care of its animals.

It needs someone to have fun with and make it laugh.

And for all the billions of people on it. – Only a fraction provide that service.

And to be honest, some of them suck at that job.

And now we’ve got you.

Little ole you, that’s got a great story, skill, or business idea, and you’re sitting on the sideline sucking your thumb.

Because God forbid you should write a blog post today.

God forbid you should write your story.

God forbid you should inspire, motivate, or teach someone today.

God forbid you should set up a business, provide great service, and not rip people off.

How would we cope if you decided to throw your hat in the ring?

I mean, the cheek of it, that you could do any of those things for us.

How about you stop looking left and right, waiting for someone else to write, create, build, motivate, inspire, provide great service, and you got off your arse and did it?

How crazy would that be?

To have spent five minutes on this planet and left it a better place than you left it.

To know that yes, you’ll be forgotten come next week, but that someone’s life was made smoother for you having been here.

Right now, the world needs you.

Are you going to show up for it, or are you going to shy away because you’re afraid of what three people will think of you if you do?

So, what’ll it be?

We need you… so where are ya?

If you’d like to know how I woke up and started doing what I wanted to do, like writing fiction, creating products, and being a ‘motivational pest’ in people’s email inboxes, go to https://www.WriteCome.com now.