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“We Solve Problems, That’s What We Do”

Your Success Is Going To Come From Solving Other Peoples Problems.


… the subject line of this post came from an episode of ‘The Last Ship.’

Caught in a standoff, as one of the crew threatens to unleash a virus aboard the ship, one of the Navy members tries to calm him down with that great line.

Now, any other time that line would probably sound corny, or passed me by and I wouldn’t have given it any notice, but right now it’s so true.

Your success is going to come from solving problems.

Solve a problem that people are willing to pay a solution for, and you make money.

The more people who can help with that problem, the more money you make.

You see, a lot of people want to be millionaires, they want to be wealthy and have cash flowing in on autopilot,  but the only place that cash is ever going to come from…is from other people.

And that’s something you need to keep in mind.

Rather than thinking about the money, think about the service you can provide instead.

What problem can you solve that people will pay you for a solution?

Now, your mind might jump to creating something as big as Facebook or Amazon, coming up with some great invention, or creating the next most popular app on the iTunes Store.

But how many of us are really going to do that?

One thing people will pay you for is knowledge.

How can you make their lives better?

How can you protect their health?

How can they gain an advantage over the competition?

Although you might find it hard to believe, your browser history could be one of the best places to make money from.

And I’m not talking about the stuff you look up in incognito mode. : ) 

No, I’m talking about the places you’ve bookmarked in your browser.

Places that not many people know of.

But….be willing to ‘pay’ for knowing.

And that’s the latest video course I’ve put together.

Called ‘Bookmark Bucks’…I show you how you could be using your Internet search history as an income stream.

Right now there’s no sales page setup, but if you want access to the six videos, click the link below.

Bookmark Bucks.

It’s only live for 24 hours, to give non-member’s a chance to get a copy, but after that, you’ll only get access to it as a member of WriteCome.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – And member’s you’ll have access in the next 24 hour.

Why not use that time to check out, or ‘ahem’ maybe clear out that search history before we have a look at it.

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