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Welcome To Opposite Day!


…what if instead of quitting, you give it another go?

What if instead of dwelling on that negative review, you thought of only the positive ones?

What if instead of thinking how little you can do, you wondered at what more you could achieve if you pushed your limits?

What if you didn’t follow the herd, and walked in the opposite direction instead?

What if you didn’t keep silent about what you love, and wrote, talked, or videoed about it instead.

What if you didn’t say ‘That’s not for me’ and instead said, ‘Why not me?’

And what if you did the opposite today than you did yesterday?

Think you’d still be where you are?

And what if you made money by taking things away?

Barry J McDonald.
“Be The Unicorn In Your Market.”

PS – You couldn’t be wrong both ways, could you?

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