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Welcome To The ‘What If?’ Club

Welcome To The What If Club

…I don’t know who said it, but it’s true that moving your body does help with the thinking process.

Whether that’s walking Summer around the field, or busting a gut on the treadmill, I always find myself coming up with content ideas or thoughts I never had before.

Take today as an example.

Halfway through my daily run, this thought came to me….The ‘What If?’ Club.

Where that thought came from I don’t know, but the more I played around with it, the more it made me think about what I do.

Because if there’s one thing that I think is the core of all the content I create, it’s this…I’m trying to make you doubt yourself.

But doubt yourself in a good way.

I want you to ponder the thought, what if I could write a book?

What if I could create a podcast?

What if I could sell something that I make?

What if I could create a training course and teach someone?

Thankfully, some people put that thought in my head.

Kevin Smith, years ago with his podcast.

And the great Dan Meredith from ‘Coffee With Dan.’

Both of them put the seed of doubt in my head, that I could, and should, do more.

That seed, with some action, grew and gave me more doubts about myself.

If I could write kids’ fiction, could I write adult romance?

And if I could write adult romance, could I create a podcast?

And if I could create a podcast, could I create a handful of videos every day for Tik Tok?

What I do now, all grew from a single doubt.

Could I do all of those things?

I think I’ve answered that question.  🙂

So, welcome to the ‘What If?’ club.

A place where hopefully I can drum into that thick head of yours that you can do things you think you can’t do.

Because you can.

Now off you pop, and go answer that question for yourself…What If?

And if you need some hand-holding, go here.

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