Welcome To WriteCome 2.0

…this past few day’s I’ve been up to my elbows in WordPress, it’s plugins and a new website host.

Or to paint a more realistic picture, ‘Oh for f*** sake, what do you mean you can’t open that back up zip file!!!!!’

….along with a lot of other colorful words.

But hey, that’s what you get yourself into when you decide to go online and try to build a business.

There’s a learning curve that keeps a lot of people from getting starting….and then you have the people that can barely type their name and make a fortune with some gimmick they discovered.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of gimmicks.

“Make 140 a day with no experience”

Thing is, some of these gimmicks do work from time to time, but as Sean Mize says, how long do you want to keep doing things that don’t build you a business and could disappear tomorrow?

It’s hard work building a foundation, and it isn’t sexy working for nothing until you get the ball rolling and start to get traffic and begin making an income.

But I heard of something that anyone of you could do today that’ll pay off today and years from now.

What is it? It’s giving away free reports with your affiliate link in them.

Although it’s being used in the IM niche you as an author or publisher could do it too.

Got an adult coloring book? Write a few reports on stress relief. Nothing crazy, but a few pages with tips, tricks, and of course a link to your coloring books website at the back of it.

You could give it away in forums, blogs, or do some SEO (get your page to number 1 for a search term) and let Google send you free traffic to your report page.

Rather than pushing your work on people, let them come to you. It’s what Dan Kennedy calls magnet marketing.

Thing is….once those reports are out there in cyberspace….they’re always out there working for you.

Want to know what search terms people are looking for that you could create a few free report for? Go here. 

PS – As for the WriteCome 2.0, the site’s finally on some very fast servers so it’s like ‘Grease Lightning!’