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Well, Ain’t That A Christmas Miracle

…yesterday I was visited by the ghost of Amazon past.

“Barry…..woo…woo… woo…you remember that Amazon KDP account you used to have?”

I nodded my head and pulled my bed sheets close to my chin. “Yes, spirit…..are you hear to taunt me of book sales from years ago?”


“Is it to make me pay for all those people that suffered my early writing and paid good money for it?”


“What is it spirit?”

“Oooopennnn, your email….”

And like Scrooge running out of his house to welcome Christmas morning, I raced to my laptop and switched it on.

“Due to your recent email, we’ve decided to reinstate you KDP account with immediate effect.”

And like that, I’m back to being a published author on the Amazon KDP store. Well almost, I’ve got to get everything approved once more.

But from today on, Barry’s back.

And I’ve got Angie Anderson to thank for it.

She gave me Jeff Bezos personal email and said to email him.

‘What the hell,’ I said, ‘Someone might read it.’

And read it they did.

“Nowww, doon’t screw it up!”

“I won’t spirit…and thank you.”

And off I raced into the night to give Bob Cratchit a well deserved pay raise. – He lives in the Philippines. 

I don’t know if he likes goose though ?

Oh well, it’s a been good day all round. *

PS – * OK, I may have stretched the truth a little, but thanks to Angie and Jeff I’m back.

And I thought these things only happened on Highway to Heaven.  

Guess I was wrong.

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