Well Call Me An Action Taking Idiot

…”An idiot walking in the right direction, will get a lot further than a genius sitting on his arse.”

I’ll always remember something my father said to me one day as we passed the local town’s courthouse.

‘You see those guys sitting on the steps there?’

I nodded, looking at the handful of young men lounging around, looking like they hadn’t a care in world.

‘A few of those guys have brains to burn.’

I didn’t know which ones he was talking about, but I kept my eyes on them until they vanished from sight.

Every day we went by, I’d keep my eyes open for the group, and sure enough they were always there.

While I never got an answer to why they always hung out at the local courthouse, my father’s statement stayed with me.

Why would anyone, with brains like that, spend all day watching traffic go by?

Nowadays, I know there could have been a host of reasons, ranging from low self esteem to substance abuse….or anything in between.

But to my little mind back then, clever people got ahead, got things done, and had an advantage over the rest of us…not sitting around doing nothing.

Thing is, having a head filled with knowledge isn’t a guarantee of success.

There are tons of people that know everything about writing.

There are tons of people that know everything about blogging.

There are tons of people that know…(fill in the blank.)

But you’ll never read their words, watch their videos, or see any of their creations.


Because knowledge isn’t a guarantee of success.

What is though, is taking action of the little amount you do know.

Reading ten pages of a book and taking action on those pages, will get you further than a shelf full of books never acted on.

Heck, even my ‘Journal For…Rolodex’ worked through line by line will get you further than a hard drive filled with content that’s never used.

But folk are funny sometimes. They think they need all the knowledge before they can get started. Or it’s gotta be complicated.

The simple version.

Just work with what you have, with all that you’ve got.


‘Journal For Rolodex’  Do a journal per line, and leave your competition behind.