“We’re All Doomed I Tells Ya!”

…it’s funny the way the whole noggin works sometimes. You find yourself suddenly singing a song lyric, or remember a quote from an old TV show you didn’t even like that much.

This week’s news on the Coronavirus dredged that one up from God knows what corner of my brain it’s been hiding in.

“We’re all doomed I tell ya.”

But like the immigrant bodies washing up on the beaches in Europe, the end of the world that Brexit was going to
bring, and the huge Facebook data breach that was unforgivable last year, we’ve moved on.

Today’s front page, tomorrow’s trash.

That’s like a lot of the emails I get.

– Email’s not the way to go anymore.
– Kindle books are dead.
– Membership sites are the way to go.
– And on and on it goes.

And if you were to believe the handful of marketers that parrot what the others say, it’s easy to think that it’s true.

Look outside that narrow focus and you’ll see there’s a world of opportunities out there. – If you’re willing to do the work and not rely on a push-button business that lasts all of five minutes.

Take my Spring Clean Keyword Sale.

I could tell you that you’ll ride off into the sunset after you’ve bought it.

I could tell you that there’s magic pixie dust or A.I attached so that it does all the work for you.

I’m not.

You’re a grown-up.

There’s work involved.

And there’s nothing shiny to see.

But put the work in and the books you make will long outlive any of the dramas were going through right now.


Barry J McDonald.