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“We’re All Just A Bunch Of Guys, Joe.” an episode of the TV show ‘Ballers’, Spencer Strasmore (The Rock) retells a story about his father to his partner Joe.

Stating that his father was a hard worker, who always did his best, he came to a huge realization the day he stood across from his boss. – A man he hardly ever came in contact with.

He was just a guy behind a desk.

Nothing special.

No superpowers.

Just a guy behind a desk.

‘He realized it too late. We’re all just a bunch of guys, Joe”

It’s easy to put someone on a pedestal.

To think that what they do, is something you can’t.

And because of that, you let yourself off the hook.

We’ll never be that good. You haven’t got the talent. They’re gifted and you’re not.

Truth is, they’ve got the same 24 hours you have. They probably have as much doubts about themselves as you have,
and they also wipe their own butts.

There’s a quote from the Predator film that’s always stayed with me. Fearing that they didn’t stand a chance against the killer alien, one of the characters came out with this classic line.

‘If it bleeds, we can kill it.’

I’d put a spin on that line.

‘If it bleeds, you can be it.’

We’re all human.

Just blood and bone.

We’re all just a bunch of guys…and gals.

Some of us have just put the work in.

….And speaking of putting the work in.

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Barry J McDonald.

PS – Anyone can show up and write a daily email…but very few do.

Does that make me superhuman?

Or just point out the fact that other folks are just too lazy to do it?

I’ll let you decide.

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