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What Are 3 Things To Consider When Publishing Content?

It probably depends on the content you’re publishing. There are things that are relevant to a blog post, that isn’t relevant to publishing a Kindle book. But if I could give you three points that probably cover everything, it’s these…

1 – Does Anyone Want This? – Writing the best book, blog post, social media post or recording a podcast episode doesn’t matter if no one wants it. It doesn’t matter how in dept, how convincing, or how knowledgeable you look, if no one wants it, no one wants it. So I’d ask yourself that question before you do anything. – Now sometimes you can do an opinion piece if you need to get something off your chest or point out that the Emperor is wearing no clothes, but the majority of times it’s got to be something someone wants an answer to.

2 – No One Cares How Long It Took To Make – Reading through this piece, I know for a fact that you don’t care if I wrote this in 2 minutes, or if I put an hour into the ideas here. You just want an answer to your question. A lot of us believe that the more we put into something the more it’ll be appreciated. And so we do a hundred retakes, edits, and clean up our content until it’s perfect. – No one cares. If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s speed over perfection. It’s better to help more people with content that’s 80% there, than a handful of people because you spent days getting it 100%. – Nobody cares but you.

3 – Some Of Your Worst Content Will Be Your Best – I once heard the great Gary Vee say that you’ll be the worst judge of your content. And I’ve seen it many times in my own business. Blog posts that I thought would explode, fizzled and disappeared off anyone’s radar. Products that I thought would suck, went on to become some of my best selling products. Your audience and customers decide what’s the best, not you. It’s like a quote I read one time, readers make books bestsellers, not the author. – Put everything out there and don’t judge the content, leave it up to your audience to decide what’s good and not.

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