What Are You NOT Channeling?

…care to guess what content I’ll be putting into today’s blog post?

How about the one a week from now?

My next product idea?

Let’s face it, you can’t. And some days even I get out of bed wondering what I’ll be writing about that day.

Five minutes later, I might get inspiration from something on the radio. Or it could come from a podcast I’m listening to when I’m out walking with Summer. Or it could simply be a whisper in my mental ear to go in a direction I didn’t think of.

What I’m trying to say is, you’re not me. You don’t see things the way I do. You don’t make the mental connections the way I do. And you haven’t got the life experiences that I have. Your life might closely mirror mine, but there’s differences there.

Same goes for you.

Les Brown famously speaks about a friend of his that wanted to be a speaker like he was. She had all the degrees on communication, but she just couldn’t see herself up on stage talking to an audience.

One never to talk anyone down from taking up a challenge, Les tried his best to convince her that she had it in her. If he could do it, she could do it. And for the longest time he coaxed her out of her shell. But she never got there.

Long story short, she passed away and never got to fulfill that dream.

Going back through his papers after she died, Les found that some of her writing had got mixed in with his own. Going through half written poems and plays, he sadly knew they could never be finished by anyone else but her.

Out of all the billions of people on the planet, no one would ever know what her next sentence would be. How she’d finish that poem. What her character would say next. All because she was the only channel the work was coming through.

There’s a blog post that only you can write. An email that’s going to inspire someone today filled with your words. A short story that’s going to make someone rethink their life, or want to be a writer like you, because of the idea you came up with. Or a business idea that only you’ve been given.

You…yes, you.

That person that’s always looking down on themselves, doesn’t believe in anything they do. And has doubt as their constant companion.

You’re the only channel in the world that those words and ideas can come through.

Not anyone else on the planet….but YOU.

Just like no one could have written blog post, but me.

If you’ve got a beating heart, and on this side of the sod, you’ve got a chance to free that idea while you’re here.

Sometime in the future that channel is going to close forever. Put it to work while you’re here.

Can you do it?

Here’s something important to remember.

PS – Now, what to write about tomorrow? Hmmmmmm…..

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